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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


The right solution to achieving your organization’s talent acquisition goals is to create a customized, focused approach. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are an extension of your internal recruiting processes, providing expert bandwidth to quickly and efficiently fill all (or a portion) of your open positions.

The Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent Solution™, industry-leading team will be dedicated to addressing your exact needs, when and where they occur, from the outset of recruitment sourcing to successful placement. We work to create significant improvements in cost-to-hire and time-to-fill metrics and candidate quality. Whether your goal is to achieve a specific hiring objective or a complete, end-to-end management solution, we are your go-to-resource.

Well Positioned

There is no question that talent acquisition in the Home Care and Hospice industry is competitive. Fortunately, Exact Recruiting has a vast network of tens of thousands of top professionals who have the right experience. Our RPO services greatly improve “time to hire,” with less cost and fewer risks.

With our RPO services, clients typically realize a savings of 25-45% by cutting spending on:

  • Recruiter Salaries

  • Recruiter Bonuses

  • Recruiter Benefits

  • Taxes

  • Office Space and Supplies

  • Advertising on Job Boards

Exact Recruiting’s RPO services offer an advantage over the competition, with a quicker response time to identify quality candidates. We assist your company in achieving higher employee retention and overall satisfaction by employees with the recruiting process.


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The Right Connection

No project is too small or too large, and we offer both short-term and long-term engagements. As the leading provider of RPO services for the Home Care and Hospice industry, our single focus is to provide talent solutions to achieve success.

“I’ve been a Healthcare Recruitment professional for almost 20 years and have dealt with many recruitment agencies. I’ve found Exact Recruiting to have the highest level of customer service, drive and dedication to the positions contracted for. Whether it is a staff position or an executive position, I receive the same service. I’ve been so impressed with Exact Recruiting that I’ve referred them to other companies.”

- Kathie, Director of Recruitment

National Home Health Care Company – 100+ locations

Now, as a solution of Simione Healthcare Consultants, we leverage more than 50 years of proven experience to support our clients in achieving excellence in Home Care and Hospice.

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