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Surveys Help Improve Communication & Reduce Turnover


We’re in part three of a blog series on employee engagement based on our latest white paper titled, “HARD AT WORK: Employee Engagement Strategies Help Retain Top Talent in Home Care and Hospice.”

As previously mentioned, engaged employees are 59% less likely to look for a different job in the next 12 months (Gallup). Through this series, we’ve detailed the importance of learning how engaged your employees are in Home Care and Hospice through Employee Satisfaction Surveys. But once the surveys are complete and the results are in, how do organizations shift their current methods and strategies in the workplace to respond to their employees?

Continuing our case study example with AseraCare Hospice, a national provider of hospice services that engaged our services in Fall 2017, organizations must be proactive with the information received. The following are two examples of how the hospice organization improved its culture to respond to the needs and wants of its employees.

Improved Communication

After one survey indicated feelings of division between senior leadership communication and staff connection, AseraCare’s president implemented a monthly call with all employees to discuss important topics within the organization to improve communication. In addition, to create a stronger connection with the staff, company leaders began making themselves more visible to staff members.

Reduced Turnover Rates

The next year, AseraCare’s survey results shared that the employee onboarding and orientation process could be improved. In response, the organization assigned a new Human Resources Generalist to work directly with new hires and revamp the entire process.

Both of these responses to past surveys helped to receive higher satisfaction results later, both improving communication and reducing turnover rates. In 2017 alone, AseraCare lost 40 fewer new employees than the organization did in 2016.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent SolutionTM, offers electronic and printed copies of satisfaction survey reports, as well as an explanation of findings and recommendations to help organizations know where they stand with their employees and keep them satisfied. Our team provides organizations with targeted surveys specifically for the Home Care and Hospice industry, so you can rest assured knowing your surveys will get you the very best data from your employees. Having your data pulled together for you through our services reduces your costs and creates a smoother process for your organization.

Want to learn more about employee engagement? Stay tuned for our final blog in the series showcasing why it pays to give employees reason to stay.