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Across the nation, Home Care and Hospice providers strive to deliver the best quality. By increasing employee retention, your organization’s promise of quality care should gain traction with better-run organizations, superior training, improved outcomes and more financial success.

Our Advisory and Consulting services will assist in managing your employee/talent retention, which can significantly reduce costs and accelerate growth. We offer a targeted service that is designed to reveal information you need to attract, retain and motivate current or future staff.



In today's competitive Home Care and Hospice environment, anything that can reduce employee retention and talent acquisition costs should be considered. That is why Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent Solution™, created a specialized consulting team to complete the following:

Compensation/Benefits Analysis

A no obligation, free consultation will determine your needs and goals for the study. We will obtain and analyze data to determine the average salary and benefits offered by competitors, so you can feel confident in making adjustments. With over a decade of experience in negotiating compensation plans for thousands of candidates, we know what the market is offering and paying.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Our experts perform targeted surveys and complete an in-depth summary of key findings and recommendations to gain insight to develop employee retention strategies.

The Right Connection

We are specialists—solely focused on Home Care and Hospice—with a keen understanding of the industry’s dynamics.

“(Exact Recruiting’s) fee structure is very competitive and the service and follow-through is outstanding. Our expectations are consistently exceeded.”

- Bill, Chief Operating Officer

Multi-site Texas Home Health Company

Now, as a solution of Simione Healthcare Consultants, we leverage more than 50 years of proven experience to support our clients in achieving excellence in Home Care and Hospice.

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