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Home health providers are aware that the changes noted in the CMS 2016 Home Health Wage Index Final Rule represent the beginning of a fundamental shift in service provision and increased alignment with other health care providers. Simione Healthcare Consultants understands that providers want more information about these requirements, as well as real-time strategies to operate within the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing model (HH-VBP) – whether or not an agency is in the CMS pilot program for one of the nine initial states. To ensure readiness for these changes, home health agencies (HHAs) will need to ensure OASIS accuracy, provide education and evaluate operations to determine the most efficient structure and processes for demonstrating high-quality care, compliance and successful operations in an integrated, streamlined and cost-effective manner.  As a home health agency, do you know where you stand in terms of HH-VBP? Have you performed a readiness assessment for your agency? Do you have the tools you need to prepare for HH-VBP?

Simione is here to help guide you through these changes and provide you with the answers you need to prepare for HH-VBP. As the largest consulting firm in the U.S. dedicated to home health and hospice providers, Simione has developed a Home Health Value Based Purchasing Toolkit that can help you with determining your readiness for HH-VBP and implementation. This Toolkit includes: 

  • HH-VBP Snapshot Assessment: Simione will perform a “snapshot assessment” of your HHA’s currently reported measures and status so that you can easily identify those specific areas that require intervention for improvement, and where you stand in comparison to providers in your state.
  • HH-VBP Readiness Checklist and Analysis: Using several proprietary resources, tools and training designed specifically for HH-VBP, the Simione team will help your HHA understand what HH-VBP means, how it will impact your agency, and what operational and measure-specific strategies will be necessary to improve outcomes.
  • Newly Reported Measures and QAPI Assessment: We can work with you to prepare for the measures not currently reported, and perform an assessment of your agency’s QAPI Program to ensure that these measures are incorporated in an efficient manner.
  • Training and Support: In addition, Simione will provide OASIS training/validation and Home Health CAHPS Survey training for your staff to ensure accuracy and improve their understanding of the impact of these measures on your agency’s performance for public reporting, survey readiness – and now for HH-VBP.

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The implementation of a Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HH-VBP) Model is required by the Accountable Care Act and is a key component of CMS’s plan to achieve the IHI Triple Aim goal to provide the better health, better care and lower costs. The HH-VBP Model aligns home health with other providers to fulfill this mandate that ties quality to payment through a system of value-based purchasing to improve the beneficiaries’ experience and outcomes. As a result, CMS expects payment adjustments will incentivize providers by rewarding improved quality and penalizing poor performance to achieve a more sustainable payment system. There is no net impact on Medicare payments made to Home Health Agencies (HHAs) over the life of the HH-VBP pilot program, but CMS estimates $380 million in total savings through reductions in unnecessary hospitalizations and the use of skilled nursing facilities.


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