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SURVEY READINESS: Get Smart Strategies & Resources for Success

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Sept 6, 2018 - Changing the Survey Mindset in Home Health & Hospice


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May 24, 2018 - The Surveyors Are Coming! Are You Sure Your Home Health/Hospice Agency is Ready?   


With the home health and hospice industry under increased regulatory scrutiny, survey deficiencies have increased significantly in both home health and hospice, even for providers with no prior issues. Simione Healthcare Consultants understands the most problematic survey issues impacting home health and hospice providers, including requirements with Home Health CoPs. The key to success is the establishment of an ongoing survey readiness culture and effective process within your organization.

We’re Ready to Help!

From initial survey to plans of correction and everything in between, Simione Healthcare Consultants excels in helping home health, hospice and non-medical agencies achieve state licensure, Medicare certification, and accreditation survey success. Our comprehensive support through all phases of survey readiness assists agencies in maintaining high-quality care and financial success.

Survey Readiness Support

  • Expert Regulatory Guidance
  • Policy Manual Review & Development
  • Comprehensive Mock Surveys: Licensure, Certification, Recertification, Accreditation
  • Plan of Correction Development, Follow-up & Implementation
  • State/CMS Independent Consultant Oversight
  • CoPs Training & Readiness Assessment
  • Survey Readiness Training
  • QAPI & Emergency Preparedness Program Review & Development
  • Initial Certification/Startup Assistance     
Common Survey Deficiencies
Home Health Hospice
Standard: Initial Assessment Visit Standard: Plan of Care
Standard: Content of the Comprehensive Assessment Standard: Drug Profile
Standard: Plan of Care Standard: Supervision of Hospice Aides
Standard: Conformance with Physician Orders Standard: Timeframe for Completion of the Comprehensive Assessment
Standard: Review and Revision of the Plan of Care Standard: Content of the Plan of Care
Standard: Promptly Alert Physician of Any Changes Standard: Scope and Frequency of Services
Standard: Coordination of Care Standard: Level of Activity
Standard: Written Instructions to Patient Standard: Coordination of Services
Standard: Infection Prevention and Control Standard: Prevention
Standard: Home Health Aide Assignments and Duties Standard: Bereavement

Source: CMS

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