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Strengthen Your Agency with a Priority Checkup

Get a Fresh Look at Finance and Operations to Drive a Higher Level of Performance

The fast pace of home health and hospice can leave many agencies so focused on running the daily engine that there seems no time to stop and check under the hood.  Simione Healthcare Consultants specializes in real-time assessment and strategy development to systematically ensure that every part of your organization is in good working order and poised for improvements throughout the year.  Our team excels in agency administration, financial recovery, clinical management, survey readiness and strategic growth, providing support that may include:

  • Review of organizational structure, service delivery model and information management, both operationally and financially, to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Assessment of clinical operations from policies and procedures and quality programs to scheduling and staff competencies.   Our clinical team is highly experienced in quality improvement, process engineering, direct care provision, recruiting and staff development
  • Evaluation of processes from referral management to claims generation with best-practice recommendations to maximize resources and gain a competitive edg
  • Development of a strategic direction, helping executives and boards of directors identify priorities and opportunities for short- and long-term business planning

Where do you stand with PDGM preparation? Value-based purchasing? OASIS-D and changes in patient assessment standards? Compliance program development? Do you have help and the tools you need to succeed?

Let Simione Healthcare Consultants help you facilitate the most productive options to enhance quality, reduce cost, improve outcomes and streamline operations.

Looking for insights on agency improvement? Start the conversation at 844.215.8820 and view our growing library of resources for home health and hospice


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