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Free Finance Series: Taming the Three-Headed Dragon of Regulation, Reimbursement & Risk


A Simione Series for Small-Business Home Care & Hospice

5 free webinars for stronger, more effective financial operations

Simione Healthcare Consultants host a free educational series to help small-business home care and hospice gain new insights and timely, affordable resources for more effective financial operations. Our team of experts shared the fundamentals of sound financial management, benchmarking, budget, revenue cycle, and financial and operational planning to better prepare your organization for long-term success


June 15, 2017 @ 2-3 PM Eastern

Fiscal Exercises for Strong Financial Management in Home Care & Hospice

Presenter:  Lisa Weber, MBA, Senior Manager, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Does your home care or hospice operation have the resources and endurance necessary to thrive in the sea of increasing regulation focused on quality, reimbursement and compliance? Strong financial management remains a driving force for helping agencies maximize their clinical and operational effectiveness. Join us for a look at best practices designed to help you improve financial operations and enhance your agency’s overall financial fitness.


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June 19, 2017 @ 3-4 PM Eastern

Home Care & Hospice, Be Nimble: Timely, Disciplined Benchmarking Breeds Financial Success

Presenter: Brian Martin, Vice President, Simione Financial Monitor

Benchmarking with the right data on a timely basis will help your home care or hospice agency make better decisions to stay on course with your budget and financial goals. From payor and cost comparisons to billing analysis and reporting, you’ll have more timely and complete information to identify areas of focus for achieving more cost-effective operations. Learn about ways to use real-time benchmarks for performance improvement.

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July 11, 2017 @ 3-4 PM Eastern

BUDGET BASICS: Set a Clear Course to Manage and Protect Your Organization

Presenter: Mike Simione, Manager, Simione Healthcare Consultants

A mindful process to create your home care or hospice budget should address the realities of your current financial situation, as well as new implications based on changes in industry practices and requirements. Learn about ways to build, evaluate and improve your budget and financial reporting to ensure accurate, consistent and compliant financial operations. Your budget is your blueprint to help assess organizational needs and stay focused on your goals.

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July 19, 2017 @ 3-4 PM Eastern

From Intake to Collections: Revenue Cycle Strategies to Improve Cash Flow and Fuel Growth

Presenter: Mark Romano, Senior Manager, Simione Healthcare Consultants

With so many factors affecting the revenue cycle in home health and hospice, agencies can learn a great deal by examining their internal processes, roles and procedures from patient referral and intake to the completion of care and a fully reconciled patient account. Learn about ways to analyze your organization’s billing and collection activities and implement best practice to manage accounts receivables, improve cash flow and decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

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July 25, 2017 @ 3-4 PM Eastern

What’s in Your Agency’s Financial Future? Creating Value & Planning for Growth

Presenters: Mark Tsiames, CPA, CGMA, CVA, Principal, and Rachel Hawkins, BSN, BCHH-C, COS-C, Senior Manager, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Home health and hospice agencies that actively work to adapt in changing times are typically better able to take advantage of new opportunities when they in home care and hospice.  For leaders interested in expanding their operations, adding new line of business or even preparing for merger or acquisition, planning requires a multi-pronged approach to improve finances, clinical operations and compliance. Learn about ways to prioritize, create value and refine operations for your agency’s next big move.

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