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Simione Business Accelerator, Your Financial Sidekick!

From size and scope of operations to competition and the availability of qualified staff, Simione Healthcare Consultants recognizes that many factors can support or deter the financial health of home care and hospice organizations. Now more than ever, these agencies and facilities need business support resources that are scaled to their specific structure, means and market for optimal performance.

Our team of experts in home care and hospice consulting have launched Simione Business Accelerator, a suite of customized financial support packages for agencies of every dimension – from independent agencies to network-owned and multi-provider organizations. With a core offering that combines leading benchmarks and financial consultation, Simione Business Accelerator is structured to provide guidance for decision-making based on more diligent data collection and reporting. It also is designed to help growing provider networks optimize home care and hospice as they place increasing focus on community-based care.

“Every home care and hospice organization has a unique blend of factors that support and challenge its success,” says Robert J. Simione, Managing Principal, “but all share common goals to provide quality care and operate efficiently, while maintaining sound financial health. With Simione Business Accelerator, we offer the tools and expertise to sort through all of the variables and prioritize to improve decision-making. Our goal is to facilitate education and buy-in at all levels of an organization to help you manage finances within changing payment models and delivery systems.”

Simione Business Accelerator service packages include:

Business Accelerator

  • Simione Financial Monitor (set up, training & support)

  • Simione Financial Monitor Initial Review

  • Quarterly Review with CFO/Finance Team

  • Strategic Initiatives Review

  • Chart of Accounts Review

  • Industry Update Call

Business Accelerator PLUS

  • All Services of Business Accelerator

  • Quarterly Review with Senior Leadership

  • Annual Review with Board/CEO/Owner

  • Payer Profit/Loss Analysis

Additional Services

  • Budget Preparation

  • Budget Review

  • Cost Report Preparation

  • Cost Report Review

  • Hospice CAP Analysis

  • Payment Model Review

  • Financial Monitor Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Training (Marketing, Finance, Compliance, etc)

  • Outsourced Billing/Coding

  • Operations/Financial Review

  • Strategic Growth Plan Review

Simione Business Accelerator allows home care and hospice agencies to find the appropriate level of resources to address the major issues their organizations are facing, combining Simione Financial Monitor and dedicated support that fit both reporting requirements and budget. Through a guided process, the Simione team will help each organization set goals, analyze performance with real-time automated benchmarks, and foster a new level of understanding for future agency growth.

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