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Sales/Marketing Questions & Answers

Sales and Marketing: Questions and Answers

Question:  I'm trying to build referrals from an ALF (Assisted Living Facility) in my market.  Any tips?

Answer:  Whether you are marketing home health or hospice, assisted living communities present a great opportunity.  Like any other account type, it's important that you ask good questions to understand the needs in the facilities to which you are marketing.  Determine how the facility is staffed and who your primary contacts should be.  A key to working with assisted living communities is helping to keep residents in their building. Since residents often go from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility, never returning to the assisted living community, you will need to validate this is a concern.  If you ask, don’t be surprised that this concern is high.

An effective strategy for building trust and cooperation is to arrange for your agency’s services so that people can stay in their “assisted living home” longer.  If you can make this happen, it is a great benefit for an assisted living community. 

Another strategy is to ask open-ended needs assessment questions.  And when the time is right to present your solution(s), talk in terms of benefits to the assisted living facility using the language they do.  Using language like "community" and "resident" will set you apart from your competitors, who may talk in terms of "facilities" and "patients". 

Finally, determine the physicians who make visits to the facility/community.  You may find that one of your physician referral partners spends time there, and may be able to offer some insight into the needs of the facility and how you can better work with it.  Good luck!

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