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Sales & Marketing: The Overlooked Account Doesn’t Produce!


Mike Ferris, Principal, Simione Healthcare Consultants

We are nearly through the second quarter of 2016 and many agencies are telling us that they are behind budget for admissions.  As long-term readers of our sales and marketing updates know, my philosophy is there is never a bad time to reassess and make sure you’re targeting and strategies are helping you achieve your goals.  It’s important to stay the course – but not if you are headed in the wrong direction! 

If you are ahead of budget, you should look for how to leverage what’s working and “make hay while the sun shines”.   You should be looking at your best accounts for growth whether you are ahead or behind budget.  The “A” accounts in each of your sales territories presents the best opportunity for growth and is often the most overlooked.  If things are good, we just assume we are getting all that the referral sources have to give.   If things are bad, we start looking for reasons why something is not working to our advantage.

Make sure that your team members all have a strong plan for growing their “A” accounts in all seasons of the year! 

Announcing the 3rd Annual Simione Strategic Growth & Sales Leadership Summit

It’s official!  The 3rd annual summit will be held September 20-21 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  Watch for program and speaker announcements coming your way.  For now, here’s the current line up with much more to come:

If you attended a previous summit, we sent out a special email offer earlier this week with your prior attendee discount pricing.  We want to thank our past attendees and are opening the registration before the rest of the industry.  We expect the summit will sell out.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Vegas for this one of a kind industry event – mark your calendars today.

thanks for all that you do, and Happy Selling!



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