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Prepare for the New Arrival: PDGM

If PDGM were a baby, consider that your home health agency is very much pregnant with possibilities. The analogy may seem a little strange, but we all know the arrival of new payment standards in 9 months is relatable. Agencies will need to prepare and practice self-care to ensure the birth of strategies for successful PDGM implementation.    

Simione Healthcare Consultants understands the precarious nature of how PDGM affects each organization differently and has laid the groundwork for effective preparation to achieve clinical and financial goals.     

Along with our experts in finance and clinical operations, Simione’s PDGM Analysis Tool offers:

  • Significant insight on the home health episode and reimbursement by:
    • Admission source
    • Admission timing
    • Clinical group
    • Episode type (LUPA)
    • Episode length
    • Nursing utilization
    • Therapy utilization
    • Gross and net margin
  • A breakdown of questionable encounters and the resulting reimbursement changes (Episodes with a primary diagnosis that are not classified into a clinical group under PDGM will be returned to the provider and may not qualify for reimbursement.)
  • Dashboards for a visual perspective on an agency’s status, including comparison to state and national benchmarks

To get the tool, visit or call 844.215.8823

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