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Hospice: Are NOE Errors Costing You Money?

Attention, Hospice Providers!

Are You Losing Money Due to NOE Errors?

The NOE Tracker is a first-of-its-kind software that will help you avoid thousands of dollars in lost monthly revenue and excessive hours of data entry/re-entry, follow-up and appeals diligence. 

NOE Tracker Validates Data

50% of entries into DDE with errors WILL BE PENALIZED as the result of a processing delay. 

  • Validate all data against the CWF and CMS rules prior to NOE creation
  • Verify previous and existing benefit periods
  • Validate hospice diagnosis codes
  • Save provider defaults to improve accuracy and avoid redundant data entry

NOE Tracker is Faster & Easier

Manual entry with DDE requires 3 dates, 5 NPI numbers, 5 physician names and many screens to navigate through.

  • Submit a NOE from start to finish by keying in as little as five data fields
  • Experience a mobile-friendly and intuitive user interface

NOE Tracker Clarifies Status

Manual search efforts using DDE require research every day for every patient.

  • Receive an email alert for RTPs
  • Make edits through the original submission
  • Get NOE audit trails and status/history on a single screen
  • View all NOEs for associated providers in one easy-to-read list with detailed history

ADC 1-100 - Monthly fee $499 per provider

ADC 101+ - Special pricing available

Call or email us today to learn more about how NOE Tracker can help you speed up, improve accuracy, eliminate redundant data entry, and AVOID PENALTIES.

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