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Growing through Referral Management: How to Put Patients & Families First, While Reaching Important Performance Goals

Even though many home care and hospice organizations are not satisfied with their referral management results, they may have difficulty seeing opportunities to improve these activities based on their team’s varied roles and close proximity to the referral to admission process.  Referral management is an important part of daily operations that requires strategic staffing, training and ongoing tracking to create lasting changes that will help home care and hospice organizations grow.

According to Mike Ferris, Principal of Sales, Marketing and Referral Management, Simione Healthcare Consultants, opportunities for improvement exist at every point in the referral to admission process, and strong leadership support presents an advantage that will help your home care or hospice organization to stand apart from the competition.  “The highest level of excellence in referral management means your organization is increasing efficiency, improving productivity and reducing costs, and providing an exceptional experience that patients and families will recommend to others in need,” he said.

A veteran home care and hospice sales and marketing leader, Ferris suggests that organizations take a long, hard look at every aspect of referral management asking the questions, “Do we put patients and families through an unreasonable experience?  Do we make it easy with minimal hassle and truly explore why they are calling and look for how we can help?”

Simione's Sales & Marketing team is an industry leader in referral management for home care and hospice, specializing in helping organizations evaluate their admission practices and recognize the potential of every call.  Key aspects of this work involve strategic analysis of the process, conversion ratios, overall productivity, customer satisfaction and timing from initial referral to admission.

“Every single call is a referral and should be handled with great care,” says Kara Justis, Simione’s Director of Sales, Marketing and Referral Management, “and our work focuses on helping every participant offer maximum assistance, maintain accountability for follow through, and develop exceptional customer service and phone skills that capture the right information and enhance the caller’s desire to move forward.”

Referral Management involves helping team members achieve:

  • A timely and thorough response and follow-through to every request, call or inquiry
  • A clear understanding of the “organizational guarantee” of what the experience should be
  • Knowledge of what metrics will be used, such as percentage of same-day admissions
  • Buy-in for scheduling, staffing and policies that support the availability of expertise to meet patient and family needs

Simione has two-fold purpose in working with home care and hospice organizations to improve referral management: to make your organization and easiest and most convenient agency for professionals to work with, and to make your organization the most timely, compassionate and collaborative resource that compels patient and families to go nowhere else for care.

To get started on achieving better results in your referral management process, call 844.215.8822 or email us today.

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