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Finding the Right Job Candidates: Is Your Agency Advertising in these Overlooked Spots?

Two of an agency’s best recruiting tools are widely overlooked or poorly used, according to Eric Scharber, Principal, Simone Healthcare Consultants and founder of Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent Solution.

When considering employment with a company, candidates often “window shop” its website and social media sites to learn what it might be like to work there – and come away with nothing more than a list of current openings displayed on a careers page.  

“With the majority of recruiting taking place online in today’s market, it’s important to have a cohesive strategy in place for branding the culture of your company in its online presence,” Scharber said.

“Your website and social media offer great platforms for telling your story. Who are you? What’s it like to work for you? Who will fit into your company culture?”

Create an engaging story

Top candidates want to work for dynamic companies – and they’re savvy enough to understand that the right company culture is central to overall job satisfaction and their ability to excel in the job.

Scharber said it’s important to give them the information they’re shopping for when they visit your website.

“Your story should make your company stand out from the competition and show how it’s the right place for candidates who are going to be a great fit for your company mission, values and culture,” he said.

Among his suggestions for company websites:

  • MAKE IT EASY TO FIND. Don’t leave potential applicants wandering through your website. Make it easy to find the section labeled “Jobs,” “Careers,” “Come Work for Us!” or something similar. Scharber likes the idea of a pop-up to ensure quick notice.
  • ADD VOICES. Give current employees a voice in the recruiting process. Consider adding short video clips or testimonials in which employees share what they like about your company, and what makes it unique.
  • GO BEHIND-THE-SCENES. The more ways you open the door on your company to show what it’s like to work there, the better. Focus on values, perks, and benefits. Does your agency offer ongoing education? Consider posting pictures of employee training sessions. Have a brand-new facility? Consider offering a virtual tour of the office.
  • INCLUDE SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS. Make sure your company Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram and other social media accounts are easy to find from your website.

Social media messaging

Creating the right messaging on social media is also an important recruiting piece, Scharber said.

“Being active is key,” Scharber said. “When you’re creating buzz around your brand, people look to you as an industry leader and want to work for you. And remember that the best and the brightest want to align themselves with companies that value thought leadership.”

Having an active blog, participating in industry group discussions, and maintaining active social media conversations are all good ways to position your agency as an industry leader and attract talent, Scharber said.

“And one of the benefits of having an active social media presence is that you will engage people who may not be actively seeking a new position,” Scharber said.

Tips for recruiting leaders

Want to learn more about recruiting and hiring leaders for your agency?

Scharber will present a one-hour, complimentary webinar this week to discuss timing, approaches and lessons learned from Exact Recruiting’s team of recruiters to help agencies find the right candidates and fill key positions with confidence.

Thursday’s webinar will focus on sourcing top leadership, vetting prospects more effectively and using the right approach to entice candidates, including those who may not currently be actively seeking a job change.

Complimentary Webinar

Destination Talent: Steps for Identifying, Vetting and Hiring Top Talent
March 18 from 2-3 PM Eastern



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