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Driving the RAP: Get Help for Revenue Cycle

Beginning January 1, 2021, CMS will require a Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) to be submitted for each 30-day billing period -- and accepted by the MAC -- within five days of the start of care.  Agencies will be penalized with a reduction in pay for each day the RAP is late, not to exceed the full 30 days of the billing period. There will no longer be any upfront payment for filing RAPs.  Simione Healthcare Consultants and Home Health Solutoins, a Simione Coding Company, are ready to assist home health and hospice organizations to improve revenue cycle operations in the year ahead. Our outsourced billing, coding and OASIS review, and QAPI solutions, can lower your costs, while improving cash flow, quality, and compliance. 

Drive the RAP: Full Speed Ahead with the Home Health Final Rule



THE RAP SHEET: Outlining Changes for the Request for Anticipated Payment


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