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Cost Reporting Update: The PS&R (Provider Statistical & Reimbursement Report)

The PS&R accumulates statistical and payment data for Medicare providers including home health agencies (HHAs) and hospices. The PS&R is a critical element of your cost report preparation process if your billing software does not provide you with all the Medicare settlement data and flu vaccine information.  Agencies must register to receive their PS&R via the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) system.  We recommend that agencies register in the system NOW to avoid future potential problems.  
Why do I need the PS&R?
The Medicare cost report submitted by home health and hospice agencies every year contains cost information, statistical data and Medicare settlement data. It must be filed within five months after the end of the fiscal period.  Filing your cost report late will cause your Medicare payments to be reduced or suspended.  Providers have the option of using their internal information or the PS&R.
To register, go to  
On the EIDM Home Page, click on New User Registration to complete the online registration form.
Requesting Reports
When you receive your USER ID and Password, call Simione and we can walk you through the process of requesting the required reports to complete your Medicare cost report.
EIDM HELPDESK (External User Services)
Phone: 866.484.8049
For more information, contact Kathleen Cromwell by email at [email protected] or call 800.949.0388.

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