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Compliance Outlook 2019

Compliance challenges in home care and hospice have become increasingly complex with providers facing more scrutiny related to HIPAA, CoPs, and billing and payment practices. The Simione team has prepared two opportunities to help organizations evaluate and improve their compliance program effectiveness. We hope you can join us. 

Complimentary Webinar - Compliance Outlook 2019 for Home Care & Hospice 
November 14 at 2-3 PM Eastern
Presenter: Kathleen Hessler, RN, JD, CHC, CHPC, Director

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The White Paper - ABCs of Compliance: Accountability, Best Practices & Consistency
Learn about the three buckets of compliance and ways to approach them in a more focused way.

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For a personalized plan to address your compliance needs, call 844.215.8823.

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