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In order to support quality and profitability for in-home health care, Coding and OASIS Review must be accurate and timely to document the required information before claims are submitted. This process requires knowledge and experience, as well as an ongoing plan to monitor and adapt to changing requirements for payment and compliance in the home health industry.

Home Health Solutions recently became a Simione Coding Company in 2020. The professionally certified and credentialed team at Home Health Solutions, A Simione Coding Solution, helps maximize your revenue opportunity, eliminate costly coding errors, and shorten the time for claim submission. 

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About Home Health Solutions Outsourced Billing

ICD-10 Coding

Coding accuracy has always been essential for maximum reimbursement. Under Medicare’s complex new Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), coding specificity is so integral to reimbursement, that errors can threaten an agency’s viability.  Our team stays dedicated to accuracy – and our expertise shows up on your bottom line.

OASIS Review

Our experts can improve your clinical accuracy as well as your documentation compliance. When an OASIS is reviewed, its accuracy based on medical documentation, OASIS guidelines, and CMS rulings is scrutinized. Our certified team follows your pre-determined preference to either make changes or send you our recommendations for changes. A rationale is also provided to the clinician for acknowledgment and finalization. 

Plan of Care Review

Our team makes sure the Plan of Care Review (POC) is defendable and compliant. Our clinically certified team will review all necessary documents and assist your agency’s staff in completing a Plan of Care that is fully compliant and defendable.

Our Top Coding & OASIS Review Priorities

  • Accuracy: Our coders are experienced and fully credentialed with certification in Coding and OASIS.  They are required to keep up to speed on frequently changing ICD-10 guidance.  
  • Timeliness: We understand the relationship between our timeliness and your operational efficiency, so we prioritize turnaround time. 
  • Efficiency: For your convenience, our staff is trained in multiple EMRs, and we work closely with your administration to make certain your needs are met. 

Our Credentials

All our services are performed by experienced home health and hospice professionals. We require all our coders to be fully certified and HIPAA compliant. Our coders hold the following credentials: 

  • Home Care Coding Specialist-Diagnosis (HCS-D) 
  • Home Care Clinical Specialist - OASIS (HCS-O) 
  • Certified OASIS Specialist (COS-C) 
  • Certified Hospice Coding Specialist (HCS-H)

Is Outsourcing The Right Choice For Your Organization? [hint; the answer is yes]

Outsourcing coding services can make a significant difference to your organization’s profitability, and not just in improved coding accuracy. While you can expect to see higher reimbursement when coding and documentation errors are corrected before claims are submitted, savings can also be realized through reductions in payroll taxes, insurance, and benefits.

For best results, however, your outsourced service provider must use only certified and experienced coders who are current in all training, fully HIPAA compliant, and able to complete the task in a timely manner. 

At Home Health Solutions, a Simione Coding Company, we deliver quality and bottom-line impact. 

We require all our coders to meet certification requirements, stay abreast of ever-evolving guidance, and complete ongoing HIPAA training. 

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