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Your business relationships – with patients, employees, other providers, payors and developing health networks – determine your level of success in attracting new patients and providing successfully for their needs. Simione’s Sales & Marketing team is among the nation’s best in helping to build strong and responsive Referral Management programs to create awareness of your organization, educate others on your quality and customer service, and foster loyalty for your services over the long-term.

Simione’s expert team will develop a plan to enhance both referrals and revenue through sales, marketing and referral management solutions tailored to the needs of your demographics. With in-depth evaluation of your current sales, marketing and referral management programs, our team of hands-on consultants will give you insight, strategies and practical training to increase referrals and admissions.

Assessment & Analysis

Discover strategic insight and improve processes to help your entire staff, and especially your nurses, community liaisons and referral management staff sustain and grow referrals and admissions.



Learn and develop clear strategies for effective growth and increased satisfaction among your referral sources.

Marketing Communications

Smart marketing is larger than its tactical elements. Let Simione help you build and engage communities by developing and targeting the content that is most important to your customers. Learn what you can do today using the leading channels and tools to build the community that will define the future of your organization. We will provide:

  • An assessment of your organization’s current marketing and communications efforts

  • An overview of opportunities using traditional and digital marketing and communications channels

  • The key elements of a successful branding, marketing and communications plan, including implementation

  • Tools and techniques to measure and report your success

Simione Sales Training

Experience Simione Sales Bootcamp and Sales Management Training for hands-on support that can quickly transform your sales team into highly successful sales professionals. Our annual Strategic Growth and Sales Leadership Summit provides a unique opportunity to network and learn more among the industry’s leading referral management experts and your peers in home care and hospice marketing. Register for Sales Training.

eLearning & Training Resources

Visit our online store for books, eBooks and training programs tailored to inform and guide your efforts in home care and hospice sales, marketing and referral management.

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