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When it comes to investing in home health or hospice business growth, information technology remains one of the most important investments necessary to effectively lead your staff toward greater efficiency and financial success.  Your IT solutions must work to increase productivity, support your service mission, and gain a competitive advantage. Whether acquiring and implementing a new system, or optimizing the use of your current technology, our process and system experts will guide and support your efforts.

Process Improvement

Are you maximizing your return on your current IT investment? We recognize that your IT system must align with your core business objectives to provide maximum benefits. Simione will help to:

  • Evaluate your business processes and identify key attributes necessary for business improvement

  • Assess your system utilization to better optimize the ROI from your organization's information technology

  • Align your policies and procedures with your technology to help transform your organization into a leaner, more efficient operation

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Do you really need new software?

Based on our industry experience, we believe software is underutilized more than 75% of the time. We can help you assess if you are optimizing the use of your current system before you subject your organization to the trials of a software search and new system implementation.

How do you know what you need from your information system?

Because our focus is entirely on home health and hospice we understand your information needs. We recognize the cost in dollars and in human resources of using a product and vendor that are not aligned with your specific requirements.

Project Management

Our IT experts provide dedicated project management services.  In the event of a leadership vacancy, we also provide interim IT executive support – as middle- to senior-level IT managers – to alleviate the stress of leadership changes while you search for the permanent candidate.


System Selection and Implementation

Our team of IT and home care clinical and financial experts will help you identify your IT needs. As a client of Simione Healthcare Consultants, you have access to all of the resources of the leading home care and hospice consulting firm.

We will guide you objectively throughout the selection process to:

  • Identify your requirements

  • Identify available solutions

  • Prepare your request for proposal

  • Evaluate proposal responses

  • Structure vendor and product evaluations

  • Guided system search, identifying your requirements, preparing your RFP, evaluating proposals, and structuring vendor and product evaluations

  • System implementation to help you complete your work plan and achieve the successful outcomes you desire

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Do you know what is required for implementation success?

We provide the services and guidance you need from implementation planning to post go-live. Throughout the project we serve as your liaison to the vendor and help you to:

  • Establish realistic expectations

  • Develop your implementation plan and timeline

  • Map your current work processes and evaluate their suitability with the new system

  • Implement required process changes

  • Set up your system and make data build decisions

  • Identify and manage project issues and risks

  • Provide assistance with project management

  • Audit your utilization of the system post go-live


The impact of your implementation will be felt well beyond your go-live date. The team at Simione Healthcare Consultants knows:

  • Critical success factors for a new system implementation

  • How the existing IS systems function

  • How vendors approach and support implementations

  • Processes that yield the greatest operating efficiencies

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