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Simione's leading cost report team has guided home health and hospice organizations with timely, accurate support drawn from more than 50 years of expertise in Medicare reimbursement with analysis. Our cost report team will help you achieve timely, accurate and affordable filing with a renowned level of service. Through its vast repository of cost report data for agencies across the country, Simione also helps agencies use the cost report as a management tool for decision-making to support financial success and maintain compliance standards.

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Services for Your Medicare Cost Report

While many consulting and financial firms offer cost report preparation services, Simione Healthcare Consultants has been the leader in cost report preparation assistance specifically for home care and hospice organizations since Medicare first required it in the mid-1960s.

Our clients recognize the benefits of having our highly experienced team prepare their cost reports:

  • Save valuable time
  • Reduce potential errors
  • Maintain compliance standards

At Simione Healthcare Consultants, we recognize that cost reporting is more than a federal mandate – it is a valuable resource for your management team and your entire operation.

Our Cost Report Analysis Service identifies valuable management information, including:

  • Benchmarking
  • Key performance indicators such as:
    • Medicare profit margin
    • Profit or loss by episode
    • Average cost per episode
    • Average number of visits per episode
    • Cost per visit
  • Key hospice performance indicators such as:
    • Cost per day
    • Average length of stay

In addition to the cost reports, we can assist you with CAP analysis and other government reporting.


Resources For Cost Reporting

Home Health Cost Report
Hospice Cost Report

Consider Quarterly Cost Analysis with Simione Financial Monitor. For more information about Cost Report Services, please contact us today.


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