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Webinar: Achieving the Right Balance: Explore the Impact of Coding & OASIS Review on Cost, Quality & Revenue Capture

October 29th - 3PM to 4PM


  • Coding & OASIS Review: Explore the Impact on Cost, Quality & Revenue Capture

From care delivery to billing and referral management to coding and OASIS review, every aspect of operations impacts the financial health of your home care and hospice organization. Expert coding and OASIS review services can help agencies achieve the right balance to support timing, accuracy, and clinical effectiveness, boosting the revenue cycle and providing a strong return on investment. Learn how outsourcing and coordination with clinical teams can bring cost savings, and help agencies avoid leaving hard-earned money on the table. 

Presenters: J’non Griffin, RN, MHA, President, Home Health Solutions, a Simione Coding Company, and Robert Simione, CPA, Director, Financial Consulting, Simione Healthcare Consultants