Simione™ Healthcare Consultants


WEBINAR-Smooth Operators: Creating Value Through Digital Transformation

February 9th - 12PM to 1PM

Webinar-Eastern Time

Home care and hospice organizations made swift changes for pandemic response, but many were not ready to optimize technology in daily operations to address the rising challenges for safety, quality, and financial viability. For agencies embracing digital tools, the impact has been essential to surviving the downturn. True digital transformation improves clinical care, makes agency staff more efficient, and engages patient and families for higher satisfaction and involvement. With reimbursement scrutiny likely to increase, Citus Health and Simione Healthcare Consultants will present strategies to rethink and relaunch operations, bringing digital technology to the forefront to advance clinical, financial, and strategic performance. Learn ways to prepare your workforce, engaging patients and other providers to achieve outcomes for mutual benefit.

  • Presented by: Shahid Shah, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Citus Health, and Robert Simione, CPA, Director, Financial Consulting, and Laura Wilson, RN, BSN, COS-C, Director, Clinical Operations, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Co-sponsored by Citus Health