Simione™ Healthcare Consultants


Simione Pop-Up Sales & Marketing Training

March 27th - All Day

Roam Galleria, Atlanta, GA

Jump Start Your Agency’s Growth with a New Program for Home Care, Hospice & Private Duty Providers

Join Simione Healthcare Consultants for, an exciting one-day workshop designed to accelerate your agency’s admissions growth. Learn from our experts and immediately: 
• Use market intelligence to strategically identify growth opportunities
• Apply proven methods for targeting and acquiring desirable accounts
• Execute the steps in the sales cycle that predict success
• Uncover and articulate the value proposition
• Ask smart questions
• Overcome any objection
• Effectively manage your time and territory
• Build relationships with various account types, including hospitals, physicians, facilities and communities
• Set powerful goals and objectives

Fee is $1,000/person with limited seating to ensure an optimum environment for interactive learning. Register today to guarantee your participation.
Simione also offers on-site training at your location with a customized sales curriculum designed to match your needs.

For more information call 844-293-1532 or email [email protected]