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Medicare Advantage: Basic Overview for Home Health Providers Part I

August 14th - 2PM to 3PM


Join Thomas Boyd, MBA, CFE, CHFP, VP of Reimbursable Services on this informative webinar. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans continue to increase market share by recruiting beneficiaries away from fee-for-service traditional Medicare. This webinar is intended for providers needing a basic understanding of Medicare Advantage Plans or wanting to consider contracting with them. The webinar will explain the appeal of the MAs to beneficiaries, how MAs get reimbursed by CMS, and the new MA services that will be forthcoming. The webinar will give providers a better understanding of the different types of MA plan options available to the beneficiaries and the possible effects on provider contractual agreements with Medicare Advantage plans.


Learning Objectives

1. Explanation of what is an MA and their appeal to beneficiaries.

2. Suggestions for providers contracting with MAs.

3. Explore the differences in plans and payment methods.