Simione™ Healthcare Consultants


Financial Fitness: Exercise Your Options

June 11th - 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Presenters: Mark Romano, Manager, Simione Healthcare Consultants, and Rob Simione, CPA, Vice President, Simione Financial Monitor

Description: What kind of financial condition is your agency in? With competition, regulation and changing payment models, it’s likely your finances are in less than tip-top shape. Simione Healthcare Consultants will review an array of business exercises to help your home care or hospice organization develop more financial muscle. We’ll help you learn about key indicators you should be monitoring, how to identify cost reduction opportunities and ways to maximize your budget preparation, cost reporting, revenue cycle, payment models and other financial operations. Join us for a workout that will help you prepare to outrun the competition and reach the finish line in a much better position for strategic growth.