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WEBINAR: Discover A Breakthrough in Benchmarking for PDGM: Q1 Data is Here

June 10th - 2PM to 3PM


We are nearly halfway through the first year of PDGM. It’s time to start thinking beyond day-to-day management adjustments and more strategically about the impact of the payment model on your agency’s financial performance and future plans. A key part of that work is analyzing your data and comparing it to what’s happening across the industry. The Simione Financial Monitor has been updated to provide the industry with the first meaningful PDGM benchmarks. Join our webinar where we’ll cover:

  • Early Industry PDGM observations from across the industry
  • How the Simione Financial Monitor can help you better understand trends in your agency’s PDGM performance.
  • What are the most and least profitable types of care periods? How does your agency’s patient mix and utilization practices compare to others?
  • Why now is a good time to consider overhead decisions, and how to use data to inform conversations. 

Presenters: Christine Lang, MBA, Director, Data Consulting, and Brian Martin, Vice President, Simione Financial Monitor, Simione Healthcare Consultants