Simione™ Healthcare Consultants

Our Consultants

The Simione team provides superior guidance, helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our full-time staff of committed industry veterans includes home care and hospice executives, registered nurses, accountants, information system specialists, certified valuation analysts, and experts in sales and marketing, compliance and Medicare reimbursement. With decades of experience with major government agencies and contractors that support healthcare initiatives,  our nationally known industry leaders providing frequent presentations to state and national groups. The Simione team also serves on the committees and task forces that continue to shape the industry.

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William J. Simione, Jr.

FHHC, Founding Member

William J. Simione, III

Managing Principal

David J. Berman

CPA, CGMA, CVA, Principal

Marian C. Entin

RN, BSN, Principal

Michael T. Ferris


Elisabeth M. Lapin


Mark N. Tsiames

CPA, CGMA, CVA, Principal

Robert J. Simione

Principal Emeritus

Sheldon J. Berman

CPA, CGMA, CVA, Principal Emeritus

Betty L. Gordon

RN, BSN, MPH, Principal Emerita

Thomas E. Boyd

MBA, CFE, CHFP, Vice President of Reimbursable Services

Maureen K. Laskowski


Kara Justis


Wayne A. Regan

Director, Interim Management Services

Kathleen Hessler

RN, JD, CHC, CHPC, Director

Julia H. Maroney

RN, MHSA, HCS-D, COS-C, Director

Ron Barrera


Laura J. Gramenelles

RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C, Director

Thomas Tobiassen


Jeremy Crow, MBA, PMP

Senior Manager

Kimberly Skehan

RN, MSN, HCS-D, Senior Manager

Becky Smarr

PT, COS-C, BCHH-C, Senior Manager

Karen Bommelje

BSN, RN, HCS-D, CHC, Senior Manager

Rachel Hawkins

RN, BSN, BCHH-C, COS-C, Senior Manager

Lisa Weber

MBA, CHCE, Senior Manager

Ruth KV Recchia

RN, CHPN, HCS-H, Senior Manager

Robert V. Simione

CPA, Senior Manager

Melynda Lee

Senior Manager

Mark Romano

Senior Manager

Anna M. Alvarez

RN, BSN, MSN, Senior Manager

Michael Simione


Kathleen Cromwell


Brian A. Martin

Vice President, Simione Financial Monitor

Susan Chickosky


Lisa Green, RN, BS

Senior Manager