Information Technology

Increase operational efficiencies, support your service mission and gain a competitive advantage by maximizing your benefits from technology. Whether acquiring and implementing a new system, or optimizing the use of your technology, our process and technology experts will guide and support your efforts.

Assessment & Analysis

Review your current system utilization to better optimize the ROI from your organization-wide technology.

Strategic Planning

Facilitate the development of a strategic direction through identification of potential opportunities. Assist with short and long term business planning.

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Guided System Search

Identify your requirements and available solutions, prepare your RFP, evaluate proposals, structure vendor and product evaluations.

Implementation Support

The best system will not deliver without a successful implementation. Project managers, trainers, analysts and documentation experts guide you through every step of your work plan to the successful outcomes you desire.

Process Engineering

Assure your policies and procedures align with your technology by transforming your organization into a leaner, more efficient operation.

Financial Monitor™

An essential analytic & decision-making tool for today's reimbursement age.

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Executive Support

Alleviate the stress of temporary management changes with professional and experienced middle and senior level IT executives while you search for the ideal permanent candidate.

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